Sunday, August 23, 2009

Todays material and semiotics!

Semiotics seems interesting I guess. It seems like this could also be dealt with in greater detail in a psychology class judging by the definitions of some of these words. It makes me think of someone sitting in a psychologists office looking at the pictures of things and doing a word association tests to see how they "really" feel about something.
I had a little trouble doing a picture drawing of something socially significant, because it was hard at first to find something "socially significant" that could be simplified, atleast for me.
My design 2 teacher Eubanks was always trying to get us to "simplify" our designs, hopefully I do it better in this class than I did in his. I went to the bookstore and bought my ink and drawing pen thing, but dont even try looking there for that 40 dollar brush because I did and they definitely do not have it, or else they are hiding them all in the back...

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  1. The bookstore is convenient but not the best place to get stuff. I am glad that Eubanks was trying to get people to work smarter. If there is a psychology class that interests you it could be a good Gen. Ed. thing to do.